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General Information

Fundamental Concept:

The remarkable development and extensive application of the supercomputer and parallel machines are making currently the advanced science elucidate possibly the complication and diversity of a natural phenomena, region of which have been untouchable until today. A lot of knowledge accumulated and truth revealed so far could be analized by computer, so that new research fields become open to us. Ordinary science have been separately developed in "theory" and in "experiment" for a long time. However, the appearance of computer and its following development have generated the novel and splendid research fields, i.e., "computer experiment (simulation science)", and then have brought about the big changes in the research of current science.

Department of computational science is newly constructed in the faculty of science, and involves the new research field, where the elucidation of the complex natural phenomena, resolution of problems in mathematical science, development of computational algorithms, and improvement of methods of numerical analysis are treated by means of computational experiment.

One of the features of this department is that the students should study three fields which are related to computer, mathematics and physics. This wide-range education is of great advantage for students to establish their professional carrier or to get job after graduate, and they would work actively as teachers in school or professional engineers in industries.

We also have a plan to establish the graduate school so that all students interested in the advanced computational science could study profoundly in the master or doctor course.

Research Field:

There are two main education courses (research fields) in this department; the mathematical science course and the computer simulation course.

I. Mathematical Science Course

The aim of this course is to establish computational mathematical field, so this course provides the following:

  1. Mathematical Modeling
  2. Developing an Algorithm for Numerical Computation
  3. Establish a Basic Theory for Numerical Computation
  4. Developing Graphic Tools

These subjects are deeply concerned with mathematics and computer science. Researchers from fields of "Nonlinear Differential Equations", "Theory of Numerical Analysis" and "Basic Theory for Computer Algorithm" will be joined this department.

II. Computer Simulation Course

The aim of this course is to establish a theory for modeling of natural phenomena and for basic treatment of computer simulation. For this, the course provides the following:

  1. Computer Simulation
    First Principle Molecular Dynamics, Molecular Design, Material Design, Science of Complex System
  2. Multimedia Science
    Visualization of Numerical Data by Means of Animation and Movie, Built of Scientific Database

Researchers from fields of "Computational Physics" and "Computational Chemistry" will be joined this department.

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